Environmental Policy

Trescray recognise their responsibility to ensure the protection of the environment and efficient use of the world’s resources.

Trescray and it’s staff are committed to developing it’s operations and an organisational culture which are sensitive to environmental protection.

All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure these objectives are met.

It is recognised that the nature of our work by its nature does not impact heavily on the environment. However we are always conscious to ensure that this does not change. To this end we will continue to regularly review environmental issues with particular reference to the following;

Vehicle Pollution – The objective should always be to minimise number and use of vehicles.

Waste Disposal – Always use authorised waste disposal centres. Only dispose of waste that cannot be sensibly recycled.

Recycling – Where feasible recycle waste. The main area of relevance is in the recycling of waste paper. All confidential documents should be shredded prior to collection.

Noise – Where possible noise should be kept to a minimum and consideration should always be given to others in the vicinity. To this end wherever possible work requiring the use of drills and alike should be performed away from other individuals not involved in the works or at times when they are not present.

Dust Protection – When work necessitates the creation of dust then where practical sheeting should be used to protect the surrounding areas and dust should be cleared as soon as is practical following the work.

Unfriendly Products – Avoid the use of products, which are known to be harmful to the environment.

System Design – The design and implementation of systems with consideration for the environment.

Awareness – Suppliers and customers awareness of the Company’s environmental aims.

Efficient use of energy – Always ensure that energy resources are used efficiently

This constitutes Trescray’s Environmental policy. All employees and sub-contractors are expected to adhere to these guidelines in order that Trescray can make its contribution (however small) towards an improved environment.