Recognising the dynamic business drivers impacting network design and operations – e.g. the proliferation of rich-media and bandwidth hungry devices, the rise of mobile ‘always on’ applications, virtualization, and cloud based services – Trescray works closely with leading technology partners to help its clients fully address and champion these developments.

    By considering the total IP networking requirement at the outset of a project there are savings to be made in both the capital up-front costs of the infrastructure and the operating costs. Trescray provide a full design, installation and support service aimed at ensuring your IP networking implementation performs at an optimal, but future-ready level.

    Data Centre Surveys


    Trescray has the skills and expertise to audit your data centres for new data centres, expansion, or if you are relocating your existing data centre.

    The key areas where these skills have benefited our clients are:

    • Infrastructure Design
    • Improved Efficiency in the Day-to-Day Operations
    • Organisation & Maintenance
    • Evaluations of Power Requirements
    • Optimising the Air Conditioning
    • Lowering Energy Costs
    • Reduction of Equipment Hot Spots

    Trescray can audit your existing data centres to improve their efficiency, functionality and on the latest safety and environmental requirements. These services have proved invaluable for our clients where inherently their data centre has grown organically over time, thus becoming unmanageable.

    Cabling Audits


    Trescray can assess and audit cabling systems for electrical, structured cabling, fire and security systems in existing buildings, new buildings or construction sites for:

    • Correct cable selection
    • Correct and appropriate cable containment
    • Correct earthing and bonding of cables, containment, signal reference grids, racks and related cable plant
    • Correct installation and termination techniques
    • Correct use of fire resistant materials and fire stopping techniques
    • Correct use of, and adherence to, relevant standards and regulations
    • Testing procedures and certificates
    • Documentation

    Electrical Inspection Testing


    To ensure compliance with the Electricity at Work Act and Health & Safety regulations we are also pleased to offer a full test and inspection service providing an inspection report with recommendations and test schedules.

    This is completed and assessed by a competent electrical technician working in according to the requirements of BS 7671: Requirements for Electrical Installations (formerly the IEE Wiring Regulations).

    Patch Room & Cabinet Audits


    Trescray recognises that IT infrastructure changes are a standard requirement for the growing business, or for larger businesses periodically reconfiguring their operational services. Irrespective of the business driver, the effective implementation of such changes culminates in tangible, competitive improvements.

    Over time, server rooms and communication cabinets can start to reach full capacity, sometimes becoming hampered by a sprawl of patch cords and redundant equipment; elements that can result in reduced network performance and the increased risk of outage.

    To resolve these issues, and increase the efficiency of your network, Trescray can carry out an array of system upgrade tasks that are flexibly planned to fit around your business needs:

    • Create a patching schedule
    • Upgrade cabinets
    • Remove all patch cords
    • Reinstall patch cords using the correct cable length and using cable management best practice
    • Install colour coded patch cords to differentiate services
    • Label patch cords with unique ID

    Trescray understands the operational risks involved in undertaking such tasks. Our project management goes beyond technical specification, and incorporates detailed project logistics and risk mitigation, ensuring that our clients’ networks are back up and running on time, as planned.

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