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    Recognising the dynamic business drivers impacting network design and operations – e.g. the proliferation of rich-media and bandwidth hungry devices, the rise of mobile ‘always on’ applications, virtualization, and cloud based services – Trescray works closely with leading technology partners to help its clients fully address and champion these developments.

    By considering the total IP networking requirement at the outset of a project there are savings to be made in both the capital up-front costs of the infrastructure and the operating costs. Trescray provide a full design, installation and support service aimed at ensuring your IP networking implementation performs at an optimal, but future-ready level.

    Bring Your Own Device


    Business Challenge

    The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture is an inevitable consequence of the proliferation of easily portable mobile devices, such as netbooks, smartphones, and tablets, where resources working for an organisation expect to creatively exploit the same gadgets and apps they use socially, only within a sphere of work.

    However, BYOD is creating a considerable challenge for enterprise IT teams, because an employee’s personal mobile devices and personal clouds are not under the control of the IT team, there is a higher risk of unauthorized access to sensitive corporate information from the outside whenever these devices and applications are used. Therefore, enterprises must find a way to not only embrace BYOD to serve the communications needs of employees, but also secure their networks from unwanted access.

    The Trescray Solution

    Trescray works with technology partners to ensure that unified access capabilities of converged network solutions are provided. Our platforms provide Trescray clients user - and device-based network access control for employees, contractors and guests across any wired, wireless and virtual private network (VPN) infrastructure.

    Wireless LAN


    Business Challenge

    The proliferation of portable mobile devices, such as netbooks, smartphones, and tablets has also placed a considerable demand on wireless network provision. So ensuring that all wireless network clients get the service levels they need is a major challenge.

    The Trescray Solution

    Trescray has successfully deployed products in this area in conjunction with the benefits afford by the new IEEE 802.11ac wireless networking standard. This standard provides providing high-throughput wireless local area networks (WLANs) on the 5 GHz band. The standard was developed from 2011 through 2013 and approved in January 2014, and is expected to become the de facto standard in 2015.

    Application Fluent Networks


    Business Challenge

    Technological develops continue apace and is exemplified in the need for businesses to deliver networks capable of delivering content rich, real time applications. Voice over IP (VoIP), video, customer service, and collaboration suites are fast becoming essential tools for companies to compete effectively and stay engaged with customers, employees, partners, and vendors. These next-generation applications require levels of performance from the corporate network far beyond the needs of the typical enterprise application in terms of throughput and latency.

    The stress on the network is only going to increase, thanks to the rapid adoption of always-connected devices by business users. In recent years, IT departments struggled to support a wide range of smart communication devices. These new rich-media devices do more than eat up bandwidth; they make it increasingly difficult for network managers to predict bandwidth consumption. In the absence of a clear picture of network traffic patterns, the traditional practice of setting static priority levels for specific applications no longer works. Network planners need a fresh approach to support the new generation of connected devices.

    In addition, to increase agility and reduce costs, companies are virtualizing servers, storage and networks in ever larger numbers. The relentless push to virtualize the data centre, including the growing use of cloud based services, increases base-line network traffic dramatically, and rewrites the rules of network design and operation.

    The Trescray Solution

    Trescray works with technology partners to ensure their network designs become ‘intelligent’ and responsive to fluctuating network demands and not simply reliant on the costly over provision of network components.

    Unified Access


    A Unified Access solution provides a consistent network service and application experience for both wired and wireless devices.  It is achieved simply via software upgrades to client switches and the management system; this means no rip and replacement is required. Trescray has found that this future proof solution, you can:

    • Address the challenges presented to corporations trying to deal with major market trends like mobility, BYOD and the move to the cloud.
    • Provide employees with the freedom to choose any devices (corporate or personal), any access methods (wired or wireless), from anywhere, at any time
    • Deliver secure, high quality applications, especially multimedia communications such as voice, images and videos
    • Adopt BYOD without overloading the IT team and keeping your network secure 
    • Consolidate infrastructure for the connectivity of multiple networked devices
    • Simplify operations for IT teams through unified management, deployment automation and single policy definition across the wired and wireless infrastructure, from the edge to the network core.
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